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Encouraging and facilitating entrepreneurial activity in the city.

The Peterborough Innovation Pool aims to identify and solve city challenges, provide new opportunities for local businesses and encourage innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the city.

Brainwave Innovation Portal

Innovation will be driven through an open challenge-led approach whereby city challenges are identified and published online on the Brainwave Innovation Portal. These can range from challenges associated with urban infrastructure and public services, through to individual businesses seeking assistance. Anyone viewing these challenges is encouraged to submit solutions which will be collected and reviewed by the challenge-holder. This platform is now publicly available online as the Brainwave Innovation Portal.

Innovation Challenge Fund

Peterborough DNA’s Innovation Challenge Fund is urging local businesses to apply to develop innovative solutions to existing city challenges. The scheme is looking for a resolution which is innovative and works in collaboration across the city. The Innovation Challenge Fund has been launched to enable companies to develop and test solutions, supporting the city's Environment Capital agenda. It will create jobs through business growth and opportunities, to underpin the city's economic development. For more inforamtion, please click here.

  • Innovation Network

    Engagement activities will take place to stimulate the creation of collaborative solutions, synergies and partnerships between public, private and academic partners. Unlike traditional networking events, these partnership building activities will have an objective focus to solve an individual or set of city challenges. These activities will form the Innovation Network and are designed to allow stakeholders to gain more insight on challenges and find partners to create solutions

Strand Diagram


Links to other strands of Peterborough DNA

The Innovation Pool cannot exist in isolation and relies on links to the other strands of Peterborough DNA. 

  • are vitally important to the local economy to further economic growth and sustainability, providing opportunities to close the skills gap and share resources. 

  • provides a crucial means for collecting data which can be used to understand the extent of the challenges faced and provide intellect to enable the effectiveness of test-bed solutions to be ascertained.

    • Smart Business

    Provides a way for businesses to test bed city solutions in a live environment which is an essential and invaluable part of product and service development for growing enterprises.